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How frustrating it is when you want to choose something, but can’t make a decision. That is how we felt when we wanted to order some DNA tests and were faced with a choice of hundreds of different test from scores of companies. After reading countless websites and “expert” opinions, we finally dove in and ordered our tests. We were very happy with the results.

We decided to share this information with the general public by building this DNA testing review website.

Please take a few minutes to find the test that is most suitable for your needs. If you have already taken a test and would like to share your experience, please fill in the information and help the next person who is about to order a test.

All images of people on our site are meant to represent the tests and the people depicted are not connected with these tests.

Please note: all DNA tests that have not been reviewed by us receive a standard 6/10 grade. When individuals review the DNA tests, the scores are averaged. Since tests, reports and methods change all the time, in order to keep the site current, we rely on the vendor’s information and customer reviews. If you have found information to be inaccurate, please contact us right away, so that we can investigate and change the information. We receive compensation for referrals to a tiny percentage of tests.

Information changes, so be sure to read the details on the website of the vendor before paying for a test.

DNA Test Review
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